The Best Credit Cards for Fair Credit

If your credit score in the range of 580-669 you have what’s known as fair credit. While you might not be able to get the best credit card with the best rate, there are still plenty of excellent options that include cash back and reward offers available to you. Finding the best credit card for… Read More

The Best Credit Cards for Good Credit

You’ve worked hard and paid your bills on time, and you’ve been rewarded with a good credit score. Congratulations! The good news about having good credit is that you are more likely to qualify for credit cards that have some special perks such a no annual fees, a low APR, and cash or travel rewards…. Read More

Investing money

Nobody can have all the answers to this pivotal question. In our view, the safest route to outperforming returns depend on an integrated three-tier strategy: Embrace “time” as your best friend. Dive into an S&P 500 index fund to take thinking out of the equation. Employ Dollar Cost Averaging to quell the threats of panic… Read More